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Naming and Renaming Database Constraints

I ran into an interesting problem recently, and learned something new as a result.  This problem involved naming and renaming of database constraints, specifically primary key, foreign key and default constraints. The SQL Server database I was working with had … Continue reading

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Resolutions 2011 (T-SQL Tuesday #14)

Welcome to my first T-SQL Tuesday blog post!  This month T-SQL Tuesday is presented by new Microsoft MVP Jen McCown (Blog | @MidnightDBA) of MidnightDBA fame.  I’ve been a fan of the MidnightDBA web show for while, so this is … Continue reading

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Renaming MCM Video Files with PowerShell

This should be a quick post, but it might help someone with an problem I was running into.  Note that I’m just starting to learn PowerShell, so take that into account when reading… Lately, I’ve been using Aaron Nelson’s (blog … Continue reading

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My Blogging Manifesto

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for several years, ever since a friend and coworker of mine suggested it.  As a New Year’s resolution for 2011, I’ve decided to stop thinking about it and start doing it.  So here … Continue reading

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