My Blogging Manifesto

blogI’ve been thinking about starting a blog for several years, ever since a friend and coworker of mine suggested it.  As a New Year’s resolution for 2011, I’ve decided to stop thinking about it and start doing it.  So here it is!  I’ll be writing mostly about SQL Server and BI related topics, probably with occasional diversions here and there.

The next logical question might be, why?  Why start a blog?  There has to be a better reason than “everybody’s doing it.”  Below is a quick list I came up with, in no particular order:

  • My wife thinks it cements my position as a total geek, and I’m all for anything that will get me closer to that goal 🙂
  • I’ve had a lot of great encouragement from peers and coworkers, which I really appreciate.
  • I was watching a Midnight DBA show recently and Sean (Blog@MidnightDBA) talked about how he references his blog all the time (I know, right?). Since then, I’ve heard several other people say the same thing, and it makes a lot of sense to me.
  • I don’t consider myself a very strong writer (you probably don’t either, if you’ve read this far), but I don’t know of any way to get better at it than to just do it.
  • I’ve found that teaching something is the only way to really burn it into my memory. I learn new things everyday, but so many of those things just fly away when my mind moves on to other things. This can be especially true with the highly technical stuff.
  • Over the last few months, I’ve come to really appreciate the SQL community.  It’s truly an awesome group of individuals who seem to really want each other to succeed.  I feel like I’ve been taking from the community for so long, mainly through reading and referencing other people’s blogs, and now I’m excited about the possibility of giving something back.
  • Speaking of other people’s blogs… I remember back when I started doing development and working with SQL Server, I had BOL installed locally and updated it from the MSDN Library DVDs every quarter.  That seems so backwards now.  I still think BOL is a great resource, one of the best, but the majority of help I find these days is through doing a Google search and finding the answer on someone’s blog.  Hopefully posts on this blog will help someone else in the same way.

So here we go.  What will it lead to?  Who knows… It seems like the natural progression is, people start blogging, then volunteering, then presenting.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to look that far ahead, but for now, blogging is a good start.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks also to Brent Ozar (Blog@BrentO), and his starting a technical blog series. I highly recommend it to anyone considering this type of thing.

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6 Responses to My Blogging Manifesto

  1. Congrats on making the jump into blogging. Brent’s series guided me into the blogging realm as well, but I’m not sure he mentioned how addictive and time consuming it can be! BTW, I read your About page, I live in River North and work in the Loop.

    • David Howard says:

      Thanks Noel, small world! Still trying to figure some things out, but I’m excited about it and glad to be here.

  2. Brent Ozar says:

    Congrats on starting the blog! Glad I could help out with the inspiration. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. See you at the user group meetings!

  3. Jen McCown says:

    Awww, a shout-out! So glad you got something out of one of the shows, and I look forward to seeing what you write. *Stares at this space expectantly.*

    • David Howard says:

      Thanks for the comment Jen! Love your show and your blog. Your show is great, even (maybe especially) when it goes off topic 🙂

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