TSQL Tuesday #026 – Second Chances

UPDATE: The Wrap-Up is here.

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2012.

Every new year brings with it a fresh start, a second chance to do things differently.  In the spirit of second chances, for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, please pick any one of the previous 25 T-SQL Tuesday topics and write about it. You can choose one of the topics you participated in before, or you can choose one you missed for some reason. 

Maybe you were just too busy when Michael Swart invited everyone to write about indexes. Or maybe you weren’t quite happy with the CTE post you came up with when Bob Pusateri hosted.  Or maybe you have a ton to say about IO, but like me, you didn’t know anything about T-SQL Tuesday until long after Mike Walsh’s month.

Well now is your chance to set things straight!  In fact, if you like, you can even throw down a few resolutions for the new year (see Jen McCown’s #14).  And if this is your first T-SQL Tuesday, just pick a topic and jump in.

As with any T-SQL Tuesday, the standard rules apply:

  • Your post must go live next Tuesday GMT (between 00:00:00 GMT on Tuesday January 10 and 00:00:00 GMT on Wednesday January 11).
  • Your post should link back to this post, and you should leave a comment or a trackback here regarding your post.
  • “T-SQL Tuesday #026” should be included in the title of the post.
  • If you’re on Twitter, tweet about your post using the hash tag #TSQL2sDay

Since this month is a bit unusual, here are a couple additional rules:

  • Your post should be new in content, in other words don’t just repost a previous T-SQL Tuesday entry (yours or anyone else’s Smile)
  • Somewhere in your post, you should say what T-SQL Tuesday topic name and/or number you chose to write about.

I can’t wait to see which topics everyone chooses and the posts that come out of those.  And of course after it’s done, I’ll summarize the posts on this blog within a couple of days.

To refresh your memory, below is a history of all T-SQL Tuesday topics to date.  It’s a pretty amazing list.

  1. Adam MachanicDate/Time Tricks
  2. Adam MachanicA Puzzling Situation
  3. Rob FarleyRelationships
  4. Mike WalshIO
  5. Aaron NelsonReporting
  6. Michael Coles“What about BLOB?”
  7. Jorge SegarraSummertime in the SQL
  8. Robert DavisGettin’ Schooled
  9. Jason BrimhallBeach Time
  10. Michael SwartIndexes
  11. Sankar ReddyMisconceptions in SQL Server
  12. Paul RandalWhy are DBA skills necessary?
  13. Steve JonesWhat the Business Says is not What the Business Wants
  14. Jen McCownResolutions
  15. Pat WrightAutomation in SQL Server
  16. Jes BorlandAggregations
  17. Matt VelicApply Knowledge
  18. Bob PusateriCTEs
  19. Allen KinselDisasters & Recovery
  20. Amit BanerjeeT-SQL Best Practices
  21. Adam MachanicInelegant Yet Educational
  22. Robert PearlData Presentation
  23. Stuart AinsworthJoins
  24. Brad SchultzProx ‘n’ Funx
  25. Allen WhiteT-SQL Tricks

Thanks in advance for participating!

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27 Responses to TSQL Tuesday #026 – Second Chances

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  4. Steve Wales says:

    Took the easy way out and revisited #14 (Resolutions) – will have to see if I can keep myself honest for 12 months: http://dba-in-exile.blogspot.com/2012/01/t-sql-tuesday-14-er-26-second-chances.html

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  7. Mike Fal says:

    I’m recapping the most recent Tips ‘n Tricks with my RESTORE build script:

    Thanks for the host Dave!

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